Monday, April 22, 2013

Being Patriotic. In JCPenney's.


Paint The Run!

Anyone who knows me well, KNOWS I don't run.  So... it is clear who my children may tend to take after, considering they both were interested in participating in the local kids' event titled, "Paint The Run"  this past weekend.   This event is put on by Bass Pro and KY3's Care to Learn program, and it's clearly just for fun with the absence of ankle timing chips and any real competition/prizes.  Kids just laugh and run.  And their parents can try to keep up with them, if they so choose.

Jack heard about this race and immediately wanted to run.  He was excited about getting blasted with powdered paint as he ran--- just like he'd seen in the local "Color Run" that has become extremely popular around here.  If you are unfamiliar with this event... basically it goes like this...  you run by and volunteers throw cups full of powdery paint at your head, arms, torso, legs, etc. as you whiz by.  Think back to your preschool days when this sort of thing was a no-no in a gleeful, bad behavior sort of way.  There.  You've got it.

Anyway, Jack's goal was to collect as much color on his body as was humanly possible.  Emma wanted to run too... but she wanted to win.  The paint was fun but also totally secondary for her.  I think she may have more of a competitive streak than Jack.  She gave plenty of peers the "stink eye" as she lined up with her toe on the starting line.  Nearby onlookers may have pointed at her and made comments like, "SHE sure has her game face on!"  or "Look at THAT little girl.  She means business."  Laughing... 

I was "drafted" to run with Emma.  I was initially petrified because... I'll restate... I don't run.  And Emmawas announcing that she was going to win.  I sort of believed her in a worried, "I-have-to-keep-up" sort of way.  I had plenty to dread until Jim told me that it was only a quarter mile that she was running.  (Jack did a mile and was big enough to go by himself in his own race.)  Okay.  A quarter mile.  I can do that.  And so we did.  Colorful running like the wind.

Cue the Disney melody that came into your mind just now.  And if it didn't?  It should have.

 Congrats on a good run, kids!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey. Danavee.

This is the way WE should walk out to OUR cars after work tonight...

You with me?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Who Bought This Again?

A creepier toy than this, you will never, ever find.

And I can prove it...


Now, where to keep this thing when we're sleeping? (The kids won't let it be upstairs...)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jack!

The holiday season is jam packed with fun (and wrapping paper) at our house.  First we have Grammie's birthday and then Christmas.  Right after that Jack's birthday arrives, and then mine brings up the rear.  You get a lotta bang for your holiday buck at our house this time of year. Whew!  We are partied out.

Jack  is now TEN.  Ten years old.  Double digits, folks.  He's starting to make that familiar shift that kids make in their fourth grade year.  Little kid silliness still exists (a lot) but here and there, Jim and I question ... "Whoa.... who's this mature person living in our house?!"  Quick wit and easy sarcasm pop out at the most unexpected times.  It's a weird sensation to be the parent, in this case, instead of just the teacher observing the 9 to 10 year old transition in a classroom.  You'd think I would have been better prepared.

But no.  I just marvel.  When Jim needs help with the Christmas lights, Jack is right there, up in the attic, on the roof, HELPING.  Not just being in the way.  When Jim has to think about how to best get the new Christmas up into the attic, Jack has ideas.  And real solutions.  And Jim takes his advice.

When dinner needs cooking, Jack is willing and able to help.  And remembers how to cook it himself the next time.

 Jack, master of mac and cheese. 

And when Jack argues with his mom and dad, suddenly he has a logical argument that he's much less afraid to deliver right back to you.  When you're caught unaware, his viewpoint.... it's suddenly much more thought out and valid. 

This is a weird concept.  Alien Jack.  Alien and cool Jack.

Here's Jack's birthday interview:

1.   Favorite song:  Sleigh Ride

2.  Favorite cereal:  Lucky Charms

3.  Favorite color:  Blue

4.  Favorite outfit:  Short sleeve shirt, shorts, bicycle gloves, and fluffy slippers  (??? )

I've never seen him wear the outfit mentioned above... but this one is equally flashy.

5.  Favorite holiday:  Christmas (because my birthday is close)

6.  Favorite friend:  Kyle

7.  Favorite snack:  Snow ice cream  (this answer really confused me because... we've... um... never made snow ice cream.)

8.  Favorite thing to have for dinner:  Mac and cheese

9.  Favorite movie:  The Polar Express

10.  Favorite game:  Playing with the parachute in P.E.  (oooh... that's a good one, Jack.)

11.  Favorite toy:  Woody  (remember this?)

12.  Favorite fruit:  Strawberries

13.  Favorite animal:  Mouse  (Mouse?  Mouse?  I'm pretty sure he's just making stuff up now...)

Happy Birthday, Jack!  And thanks for the sweet birthday wishes right back at me.  You make me smile, kid.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just Dance 2013!

It's become sort of a New Year's tradition for *friends to gather at our house on New Year's Eve.  We eat really unhealthy foods and play a few group games... but I think mostly people just gotta dance and/or cheer (heckle) the dancers once the midnight hour rolls on by.

The award for Best Overall again (no surprise) goes to Andrea Schlager!  Her funk is unbeatable.

Artsy, I know.

Even if we conspire, and then go and rent a brand new dancing game with surprise choreography/songs that Schlager has never seen, we are defeated. This year we tried the X-Box's  "Just Dance 4" just to throw her off, but her internal beat is rock solid and steady.

Best Modest Claims Not To Be Able To Just Dance... but then Heyyy, Never Mind.... I Might As Well Be An English Boy Band Stand-In :  Andrea Pullan! 

Cutest and Most Rhythmic Newcomer Under 4:  Chloe Pullan! 

Most Impressive Is-This-My-Child Newcomer Over 9:  Jack Hoodenpyle! 
Best Rock Lobster/Obliging 4th Grade TeacherDanavee Long!

Most Physically Exhausted:  Danavee Long!  (Double Winner!)

Sleepiest Observer:  Emma Hoodenpyle! 

And Best Tender Embrace/Homage to Patrick Swayze:  Andrea Schlager!  (Double Winner!) 

Thank you, Schlager... I did, in fact, have the time of my life.
Sorry, ladies, there are no trophies for the superlative winners this year.  But... if there were, they'd probably look a lot like this:

Happy New Year!

*Not in attendance and sorely missed:  Nancy Doubrava and Ashley Boschen.  Mark your calendars and bring your babies next year.  We start the schooling early 'round here!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Emma Turns 5!

I'm a little late with this post's annual birthday interview.  (Emma's actual birthday was the last day of November... better late than never.)    Anyway, you can brush up on Emma's answers from last year's interview here.  One change for this year... some questions were video recorded, as requested by my good friend, Schlager.  Wish granted!

In the videoing of my 5 year old, I quickly learned that some sessions go well.  Aaaand other times, you have to stop recording and change locations if the picking at her toenails distracts her from even the easiest of questions. 

Emma.  Come on now.  

Take two goes so much better...
And take three even continues to go well... until I laugh at her and she pulls out her best evil eye.  Do not laugh at Emma.  Just don't.
Other questions that I asked weren't caught on tape, but here were some of her answers:
What's your favorite cereal?  Froot Loops
What's your favorite outfit?  What's that outfit where the shirt attaches to the shorts?  (Me:  A romper?)  Yeah!  I like my romper.  Can I put it on?  (No, Emma.  It's winter.)  Groan.
Who's your best friend?  Addy, Sabella, and Skyler.
Other questions I can't believe I forgot to ask!
What's your favorite holiday? 
What do you want to eat for dinner on your birthday? 
What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Shoot.  I will do better next year...
To make up for it, I've included a few video bloopers
This one is called,  "Please don't ask me really deep, higher order thinking questions.  I'm five."

 This one is called, "I have a cold."

This one is called, "Please don't talk to me right now."
In a year's time, Emma hasn't changed much in a handful of areas.  She still loves to sing:
And draw:

And sing some more:

Happy birthday to my sweet, beautiful, hilarious, sassy, tough, stinky, and dramatic little baby.  I love you muchly...
What a girl.